Rasberry/Blueberry smoothie

1 smoothie.

100 g low fat yoghurt

1/2 banana

100 g rasberries/blueberries

(2 msk stevia if you want it sweeter or maybe some honey)


Mix everything togeteher and put it in the freezer overnight if you want it o be more like ice cream like I did or just drink it as a ordinary smoothie. 


Calories: 127

Total fat: 0,9 g

Total carbs: 25 g 

Protein: 6 g


1 smoothie.

1 dl lätt naturell yoghurt

100 g hallon/blåbär

1/2 Banan


Mixa allting i en mixer och ställ in i frysen under natten, då blir smoothine lite mer som en glass (jag jorde så) eller så dricker ni den på en gång som en normal smoothie. 



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