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Food diary: 2012-10-29

I got some requests about how I eat a normal day so here is today!


09:00 Breakfast: Chocolate graham pancakes with raspberry froyo.

10:30 Snack 1: Some frozen raspberries

12:00 Lunch: Overnight oatmeal topped with low fat yoghurt mixed with fun light juice

14:00 Out for coffe with my mom: Frozen yoghurt

17:00 Pre workout: Oatmeal topped with low fat yoghurt 

19:05 Post- Workout: 1 proteinbar

20:00 Dinner: Chicken and zucchini pasta

21:30 Night snack: Healthy chocolate cake (Recipe is on my blog)






This day wasnt so good, my goal is 1990 calories but I wasnt home today so I didnt had time to eat. Im going to post a new one at wednesday and i hope that it will be better!


2 svar till “Food diary: 2012-10-29

  1. Sofie skriver:

    Really love those kind of post! Keep up with Them!

  2. Anonym skriver:

    What is net calories and how do you count them?

    It the calories your body consumed under the day. Its The total calories you consume in a day minus the numbers of calories you burn from exercise = net calories (the number of calories you actually have available for necessary body functions like digestion, circulation, etc.)


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