Food diary. 2012-10-31

10:45 Brekfast: Oven baked oatmeal topped with turkish yoghurt

13:00 Post-workout snack: Proteinbar

14:30 Lunch: Tuna, low fat cottage cheese, eggwhites, salad

17:00 Snack: Turish yoghurt topped with froxen raspberries and one satsumas

19:00 Dinner: Oatmeal pancakes with rasberry froyo

21:00 Night snack: Healthy chocolate ckake in the microwave with banana 

23:00 Snack: 2 Satsumas


Total calories: 1619

Exercise calories: 655

Net calories: 964


I really have to work on eating more. Tomorrow will be better! My calorie goal is 1948.


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